English for Personality Development – Ida Ayu, dkk (Undiksha)


English for Personality Development is designed for college students from non-English Education Department in Ganesha University of Education as English practice book to improve their personal skill in mastering foreign language. This book provides integrated language skills material but emphasizing on reading and vocabulary comprehension. By practicing reading comprehension, students are expected to be able to explore more information on their own disciplines. Moreover, by comprehending some vocabularies, the students are not only expected to know the translation, but also understand the used of them and the meaning behind the words, phrases, and sentences.

Each unit of this book contains reading texts, grammar in focus and integrated language skills exercises based on different topics presented. The topics selection is contextual and deal with students’ real life to build meaningful teaching and learning as well as to develop their personality of using English.

English for Personality Development promotes the collaboration between expository and inquiry teaching strategies which aims at improving students critical and analytical thinking through stimulating students’ curiosity. Here, the students are provided with some problem solving in form of questioning.

Assessment technique used in General English is authentic assessment which enables students to show their skills and competencies.

  • Penulis: Ida Ayu Istri Utami
  • ISBN: 978-602-425-192-2
  • Halaman: 90
  • Ukuran: 15,5 X 23 cm
, Product ID: 8447


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