Land, Property, and Good Governance – Martin Roestamy, dkk. (PO)



The Rebus Sic Stantibus Clause in a Housing Loan Contract Faces
Unforeseen Circumstances (Post-Pandemic Comparative Study)
Martin Roestamy, Abraham Yazdi Martin

Claim For Damages By Aggrieved Victim Purchasers In
Abandoned Housing Projects In Peninsular Malaysia
Nuarrual Hilal Md Dahlan

Development Planning And Environmental Governance In Malaysia
Tuan Pah Rokiah Syed Hussain, Hamidi Ismail,
Sharifah Sofiah A’tiqah Syed Ibrahim

Land conflicts on forest and plantations
Rita Rahmawati

Mapping the Integrity of Kelurahan Governance in
DKI Jakarta Province
Bambang Widjojanto

Land Registration for customary land after government
regulation number 18 of 2021 in Juncto with government
regulation number 24 of 1997
MJ. Widijatmoko, Nurwati

  • Penulis: Martin Roestamy, dkk.
  • ISBN: 978-623-372-876-8
  • Halaman: 142
  • Ukuran: 15 x 23 cm
  • Tahun Terbit: 2023


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