Islam And Global Challenges Multidisciplinary Perspectives – Dr. Subhan Afifi, M.Si., dkk


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Collaborating across diverse academic domains, scholars have collaboratively produced an exceptional work, the inaugural interdisciplinary book emanating from the esteemed 1st International Conference on Islamic Social Sciences and Humanities (ICONISSH). The primary focus of this groundbreaking volume revolves around the critical theme of “Islam and Global Challenge.” The profound interest evoked by this subject among our esteemed readers has prompted us to persistently investigate and scrutinize its multifaceted dimensions.

The book exhibits a well-defined and coherent structure that impeccably reflects its interdisciplinary nature. Its comprehensive exploration commences with an insightful examination of the topic from the perspective of Psychology in the first section, followed by a thorough discourse from a Communication standpoint in the second section. The third section delves into the topic from the vantage point of International Relations, while the final section aptly addresses the relationship between Islam and global challenges through an Education lens.

Noteworthy for its uniqueness, this collection surpasses conventional literature by not only presenting pioneering research and original material but also offering empirical research findings and engaging theoretical debates. Consequently, this compendium possesses the potential to serve as an invaluable textbook for courses encompassing a wide range of subjects, including Islam, Psychology, Communication, International Relations, and Education. As a result, it contributes significantly to the advancement of scholarship in these respective fields, cementing its position as a prominent addition to the realm of academic excellence.

  • Penulis: Dr. Subhan Afifi, M.Si., dkk
  • Halaman: 402
  • Ukuran: 15 x 23 cm
  • Tahun Terbit: 2023


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